"boneless pork chop"

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    The Ultimate Food Shoot Challenge:

    The idea is simple, take one of the gray and eerie government meal packets (we found a surprisingly wide variety on ebay) unpack it, arrange it, light it and shoot it to look as scrumptious as it could ever hope to be. As you can see above, in the right hands, this can be done with remarkable grace.

    Oh, and there should always be a "before" photograph, of just the gray case.

    The work is a metaphor for wringing beauty out of tragedy and finding rays of hope amid grim misfortune.

    We are planning to put the photographs into a 2007 calendar. Money raised would go to help in the continued aid in rebuilding the region devastated by
    hurricane Katrina.

    If you would like to participate, please contact govtfood@yahoo.com We will arrange for you to receive your Government Meal Packet.

    The deadline for signing up is April 15. Or until we run out of food packets to hand out, whichever comes first.

    The deadline for photography is June 15.

    This is for wide distribution. Obviously, please forward especially to any photographers you think might be interested in participating. (They don't have to be food photographers but please remember the idea is to make the meal look delicious.)

    Also: the money raised by the 2007 Calendar will go to an organization dedicated to disaster relief (we are currently seeking the appropriate partner, if you have any ideas, let us know.)

    From the people who brought you "Make Levees, Not War"

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    1. governmentfood 110 months ago | reply

      "Boneless Pork Chop"

      art director: William van Roden
      prop stylist: Scot Schy
      food stylist: Pam Morris
      digital photography: Manuel Rodriguez

    2. christophercarfi 110 months ago | reply

      what the heck are the little white tablets to the right of the plate?

    3. ckilgore 110 months ago | reply

      wow! i am amazed.

    4. chocokat0718 110 months ago | reply

      Oh, this is super interesting!!

    5. cinnamon anemone 110 months ago | reply

      i want to cry.

      a good supplementary would be at least one image of all the subcomponents in their equally gray, and equally disturbing packages.

      oh...and don't forget the cities that each weird item is made in.
      strawberry smoothie, brooklyn, new york (real item).

      WHITE TABLETS: chicklets... i heard that the soldiers are supposed to swallow them after the chew to...ahem.... help things move along.
      this food is VERY dense. i wouldn't be surprised.

      i know people that "will work for MREs" no joke. cases and cases of this stuff.

      the more i look at this. the more i like the 1:1 relationship of the images.

    6. jackie_d302 110 months ago | reply

      You might be able to find these at a hunting supplies or camping store. Maybe Academy has them too? Dad acutally buys these for his " hunting trips" ( no worries he just shoots cans, and basically is like a little boy with a red rider b-b gun"

    7. Pwrjunky 109 months ago | reply

      After recently signing up with the US. Army, I was given a few of these MRE's. I found that some of them are actually quite good. My first one was Meal #6, Chicken in Thai sauce. Included was the following:
      1 packet of chicken in thai sauce
      1 packet of rice pilaf (didn't taste real good)
      1 packet of crackers
      1 packet of peanut butter (used on the crackers to make them edible)
      1 packet of French vanilla cappuccino (very good)
      two "chicklets" white gum
      tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce
      toilet paper
      trail mix (nuts & rasins)
      heater pack, works excellent
      I'm probably forgetting some stuff; it seems like there was a lot in there.

      From what I understand, these are not the same as they once were. I guess if you can tolerate some stuff, these are quite good.

    8. boxchain 108 months ago | reply

      I'd participate, but I'm saving all of my MREs for the upcoming hurricane season ;)

    9. velostricken 106 months ago | reply

      Hi there, I know it's way late. But if you have more I'd love to participate.

    10. ielshareef 97 months ago | reply

      Looks orgasmic!

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