Cosmic Call
Messages sent to E.T. by Dutil & Dumas in 1999

Lexicon (version 2)
by Yvan Dutil & Stephane Dumas
note: This is the second draft of the lexique. The coding of the pages is completed. Most of the
changes have been done. We are writing the last piece of explanation for each concept. The alphabet has been entirely rebuild from scrap with more fault tolerance than the previous one.


This document will present and explain the message in a simplify way. It is not intended to give
an elaborated explication of the meaning of everything. This is left to another document, possibly
a scientific article. Nevertheless, we will try to explained as much as possible the concept behind
the message without entering too much in details.
We are in the process of correcting the message. Some errors were detected and we must change
them. Also, more informations will be added in the process. So, what it is described in those pages
should be considered “Message version 2.0”. We had anticipated those changes a while ago. The
timeframe of the whole project should not be modified, we will have a new version after Christmas.
Anatomy of a Page
The base of each page is first the frame. A one-pixel-thick frame is drawn at the border of the
page. This is the first indication of the picture’s shape. It is also a good way to have a structure in
the bit-stream.
Once the bits are rearranged into a squared image. The viewer will see a series of symbols dispose
in groups. But more important, he will notice 2 structures at the top. One at the left and one at the
right. Those structures are the page number and section number in binary representation.
This page-section arrangement could help sorting through the message and group concepts
In the top-center of each page, we will find a single symbol. It is the section marker.
Each symbol is separated from the other by at least 2 pixels.
Most of the message will not be understand by common people. Some informations contains
inside are very specialized. We have assumed it will be read by scientist, engineer and people
from field of knowledge very close to mathematics, physic and biology.
The message it-self is written in a progressive way. One must start reading at page 1 and progress
through all the pages to understand must its contain. The redundancy of the informations should
help someone to read it with the first pages, but it will be harder.2
A lot of informations are given by association and comparison. The Why we did it like that is outside the scope of this document. But again, another paper will be written soon on the subject.
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