Fridge of the Damned
Poems & Shots related to The Fridge of the Damned: a cool set of scary refrigerator poetry magnets from Raw Dog Screaming Press, designed by Nathan Rosen (, based on words from Michael Arnzen's horror book, The Gorelets Omnibus.

This novelty production was the happy result of a successful funding campaign on kickstarter, driven by reader appreciation. The Fridge of the Damned horror poetry magnet kit was not only successfully funded on Feb 1st, 2013, but we received 200% of our goal from so many kind backers, which allows us to deliver the set in customized tins. THANK YOU!

You can purchase your very own set of horror poetry magnets from the publisher while supplies last for $12 at

PHOTOS OF FRIDGE POETRY (OR FRIDGES) USING "THE FRIDGE OF THE DAMNED" WELCOME! I have begun adding these to the set. To be included, e-mail or send links to or leave info in a flickr comment, or tweet with hashtag #TFOTD.
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