Behind the Fridge: editing the Instigation ebook

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    Feb 2013.
    By Michael Arnzen

    EVERYONE who kindly backed the Fridge of the Damned project on Kickstarter last month will soon be getting a copy of my ebook, INSTIGATION: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side. This is a collection of creative writing prompts, story starters, journal suggestions, and imagination agitations for creative people of all types who are looking to take their work into strange and bizarre directions. (Copies will be available for sale at amazon and other ebook distributors later in the Spring).

    Here's a screen capture of the "corkboard" in the Scrivener word processor -- software that I've been using to reorganize the prompts and outline the contents... and this is only a partial, vague, view of what is going to be in this book. But I think it illustrates just how big the quantity of prompts will be. As to the quality, I leave that for you to judge -- you can get a smaller sampler free in the Instigation department on my blog. Thanks again to all who backed this project! All rewards are shipping in March.

    UPDATE: You can now purchase The Fridge of the Damned magnetic word kit directly from Raw Dog Screaming Press.

    1. Louise Erdrich 34 months ago | reply

      Awesome work! That is quite appreciated. I hope you’ll get more success.

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