Two Standards
I liked the idea of of the Leica Standard which had no rangefinder, but not the price. I bought a Zorki 1b (a Soviet Leica II copy) with a broken rangefinder and had the rangefinder removed. I finally found a Leica Standard at a reasonable price. I was going to send it off to Youxin Ye for a CLA and new shutter but he's in China. The shutter looked good and sounded good so I figured I might as well run some film through it until he gets back. It will eventually be recovered.

Since there is no rangefinder you have to estimate the distance. These are the two lenses I have that are in feet. I have 3 Soviet lenses but they are in meters but my brain is in feet. I use the depth of field markings on the lenses.

What delightful cameras!
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