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So i just discovered after about 2 years of ownership that my hi-fi amp has a built-in USB DAC. i only noticed this as i've been looking to get a budget DAC as I'm moving abroad and reluctantly leaving behind my CD player and CD collection so i need to look into some kind of MP3 only system. my amp is a bel canto s300i. or that's what i thought as that's what it says on the machine and that's what it said on the ebay listing. turns out the S300iu with USB DAC also says s300i on the back of the machine but is distinguished by having a USB input where the s300i has a blank plate. but i didn't know that till now. i knew it had the USB input but assumed it was inoperative and i'm certain i tried it out to make sure but obviously i fucked that up somehow. i just got roberta to confirm my suspicion using our printer cable to her laptop and it worked! i'm just pissed off that i won't be home for a week to test it out. if it can get anywhere close to what i get from my cyrus cd player i'll be very happy. note for fellow hi-fi geeks: system is bel canto S300i(u!), cyrus CD7Q, PMC LB1...apologies to anyone who has no idea what the hell i'm talking about.

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Taken on October 21, 2010