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35.365: "whoa, what are those"! ...

my legs!? "


Me: "don't worry, you'll be like new in no time... ok, overnight"

"We have to fix you up for a little dolly party we're going to on Saturday

Don't want to scare the other girls with your legs falling off like they usually do, can't wear stockings, it's too warm now. "


Loctite 2 step, "activator" then glue.


edit: the following day

this crack has presented some issues:


well, the little knobbies on the leg, the white things, they're sort of tapered at the ends... so they should slip into the holes easily...


I left it to dry over night and then sliped them in this AM

It did requre a wee bit of "pressure" to pop the legs back into the sockets, but they did go in...


and all was good... UNTIL. ...


My kenner has a slight "defect.

the top of it's left thigh is a bit higher than the space allows. so the second that I turned the let so she was standing, the pressure of that extra, oh... 3mm, made the crack open up! sigh! maybe that's why it cracked itn the first place?


so I have to try it again and then this time, I will have to shave off part of thetop of her leg so it doesn't create the "resistance. etiher shave off part of the leg or that little lip at her hip. .maybe do that instead...


does that make sense?

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Taken on May 29, 2009