Liquid Deer (see the moving one too)

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    An experiment

    I was mesmerised by this large herd of deer crossing the road through Ashridge Forest. They flowed like liquid down one bank, across the paving and up the other.

    I banged off three shots - and then just watched!

    Sadly the stills didn't really convey the motion

    So - I made a multiple exposure of the three images. Hmmmm.....getting there!?

    I've also created an animation (see below)

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    1. HannyB 98 months ago | reply

      great effect...

    2. Art Ascii 98 months ago | reply

      right place right time - top knotch work

    3. * cate * 98 months ago | reply

      omg! that is amazing! the animation too- bravo!!

    4. cricechen 98 months ago | reply

      great capture !!

    5. Polystyrene cup 98 months ago | reply

      A most unusual image, talk about being in the right place at the right time, love the animation too.

    6. Voetmann 98 months ago | reply

      An awesome catch! Beautiful!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    7. Lilia♥ 98 months ago | reply

      wow I'm really impressed
      You are so creative
      Both moving and static-photoshopped version are really nice.

    8. Project 404 98 months ago | reply

      Cracking stuff Ken!

    9. dshearer 98 months ago | reply

      Indeed. Very creative.

    10. jimgoldstein 98 months ago | reply

      Actually I like the combination of the three images. Very imaginitive!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    11. Unhindered by Talent 98 months ago | reply

      I also quite like the combined image. My instinct would have been to run a long exposure, but then you'd have no detail on any of the deer. Here you get both (at least to some degree), which is very cool.

    12. B. Wilson aka Timo Poppius 98 months ago | reply

      Amazing creation - great sight in nature !!

    13. Foxglove 98 months ago | reply

      the litle gif animation is superb:
      I have had deer jump in front of my car:-(
      In fact once a deer droped into the gap between me and an opposing car: (me accelerating down hill and him gearing up!)
      the expressions on both of our faces mirrored each other at 7/30 on a frosty morning...... terror with the knowledge that we nearly lost everything

    14. Today is a good day 98 months ago | reply

      Some people have asked how the animation was done and added to Flickr.

      The animation is an animated GIF file created using "Animation Shop" which ships with Paintshop Pro.

      This tool (like others that are much the same) allowed me to input the still images as JPGs. I cropped them a bit so they were much the same - as I panned a bit when I took the originals.

      Flickr lets you upload animated GIFs - but kills the animation when it resizes all of the shots. The "original" version stays animated though.

      So.....I uploaded the GIF as a private image.

      And then went to "all sizes" and selected the original (still animated!) and then copied the image URL.

      I then added the image in the comment field above using an HTML IMG tag (Flickr allows this).


      And hey presto!

    15. rougerouge 98 months ago | reply


    16. thermophle 97 months ago | reply

      Neat multiple exposure and animation. How many were there?

    17. Today is a good day 97 months ago | reply

      Hard to say - "a lot" isn't much help, but I guess more than 100.

    18. Mississippilady2 86 months ago | reply

      And WHERE is my rifle?????!!! LOL

    19. therealpinkfloyd 73 months ago | reply

      Fantastic! OK, now I have to learn how to do multiple exposures... FTL, jenny

    20. Joey Dunne 59 months ago | reply

      Fab shot!!!!!! :)

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