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    Stonehaven to be exact - well before dawn! Stonehaven is about fifteen miles south of Aberdeen and close to Dunnotar Castle that I'd like to get a good shot of one day.

    Don't look too close - handheld!!!

    I used to play golf every Sunday morning at Stonehaven Golf Club (roughly where those two specs of light are in the upper right corner) when I was a kid.

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    1. sonofwalrus 99 months ago | reply

      Stunning. It looks like it was a calm night.
      Extra points for handheld.

    2. Marko_K 99 months ago | reply

      Beautiful picture.
      (3:1 Group)

    3. crafty1tutu (Ann) 99 months ago | reply

      Lovely capture. We stayed at Stonehaven in 2002 in a B&B accross the road from the harbour. I was going to take a photo of the boats in the evening but decided to take in the morning light. When I arose in the morning the boats were sitting on the ground as the tide had gone out so much. Next time I will take the photo when the opportunity arises.

    4. Betty Sue 99 months ago | reply

      Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

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      You deserve this nose worthy award!
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    5. Bill in DC 99 months ago | reply

      Well, there you go. None of us looked closely and all of us loved it.
      1-2-3 Faves

    6. Anna Carvalho. 99 months ago | reply

      Wow, beautiful shot !!!
      Great lights !!! =^^=


    7. lilacstripe 99 months ago | reply

      The colours are so vibrant, just beautiful

    8. kayodeok 99 months ago | reply

      Lovely colors and light; you should go back there one day with a tripod

    9. be•mo•re 99 months ago | reply

      is this place as colourful and brilliant as it is on your pic? looks like a really nice place for spending some time...

    10. Today is a good day 99 months ago | reply

      Yes it really did look exactly like this.
      This image is pretty well out of the camera.

      Of course it might not look quite so nice at noon, when it os overcast and raining!

      But Stonehaven really is a nice place!
      And it's still popular with people taking short holidays.

    11. marcazani 99 months ago | reply

      Very beautiful!!!

    12. *CA* 99 months ago | reply

      Beautiful blue hour photo of this lovely harbour. I can feel the stillness.

    13. @t. 97 months ago | reply

      YOU are an inspiration!
      Please tag your picture with thesource
      Please add this photo to www.flickr.com/groups/source/

    14. Rubinho1 90 months ago | reply

      Hey! Nice photo of the Stonehaven's harbour!!! I took a photo in the same place last sunday.

      See you!

      Stonehaven harbour

    15. algo 90 months ago | reply

      Handheld, maybe, but beautifully composed.
      Pretty place -- but cold!

      I saw this in the 10+ Faves group and Faved it.

    16. feenixfotography 90 months ago | reply

      I saw this in the 10+ Faves group and Faved it.

    17. shenxy 90 months ago | reply

      I saw this in the 10+ Faves group and Faved it.

    18. Nicks04 78 months ago | reply

      This is great. I'm from Stonehaven.
      This makes me homesick!

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