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Morning Blush | by Goldpaint Photography
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Morning Blush

And here I thought all the elements were in order this morning...


Wake up at 5:15am and rush to the window. Notice the morning glow behind the mountain and start to make out the clouds. Quickly realize that this one looks promising and start to get anxious. Make coffee in the dark, turn the heater on, step on the cat (Raar!), and contemplate for 3 seconds which lens to use. Snap on my 24-70 to try another test with the Tiffen .6 GND and my trusted polarizer. Rush out the door at 5:21am without tying my shoelaces and almost lose it running down the stairs. Floor it to the lake in the rental car along the bumpy, hole-filled dirt road and get set up at the lake by 5:30am. Try to wipe off the polarizer, but the freezing temps make it impossible. 5:45am comes and I’m yelling, “Hell yeah, do it you money maker!" (I don't know where that came from) 6:00am rolls around and my feelings reverse quickly, "Explode already, damn you!", as my teeth chatter endlessly due to the chilling breeze. 6:15am… no fire in the sky and walk back to the car with my tail in-between my legs.


All in all, every element was lining up, but I didn't get the explosion that I was looking for. The mist off of the water was quite magical to watch and the geese were making their presence known all throughout the lake by different types of callings after learning of my whereabouts. The Tiffen GND did a little better this morning, but still had some fairly large vignetting issues. I have mixed feelings about the filter, but we’ll see how she does in the coming days.


Thanks for having a look and I hope to have time to get to all your streams today.




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Taken on April 27, 2011