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A Little To The Right 33/52 | by GoldnGirl (taking a break)
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A Little To The Right 33/52

52 Weeks: Week 33 (Year 2)


I think Lyme has irritated my brain and sensory capabilities because so many things seem to bother me lately. I kept cutting bits of my hair off for two reasons: one is because I like to change my look when I don't feel good. If I look different I think I will feel different about myself. The second reason is because it would drive me crazy when I would try to style it and it never looked right to me. It always felt "uneven" in the layers so every day I would try to even it out. I hated what I was doing with the scissors but I could not stop! It was actually kind of scary that I couldn't control the weird signals that my brain was sending out. So to resolve this problem, I decided to go to my sister's hairdresser for a fresh start. I told her to cut it short because it was driving me crazy! She was afraid to go too short but I kept saying "more" until I ended up with the final cut seen here.


Again, I feel the need to apologize for my lack of involvement on flickr lately. I feel so overwhelmed lately between working the two office jobs plus the work I need to do for our own landscape company. There doesn't seem to be enough of me to go around these days. I feel like I bounce around from one thing to the next but never really accomplish anything or see the work load decrease. I just wanted to say "thank you" for being here for me and offering your compliments and well wishes. It means a great deal to me and I wish I could visit everyone more often to share compliments on your own photos.


I wish all of you peace during this religious time of year, whether you celebrate Passover or Easter or another form of religion. I think this time of year is an opportunity to reflect on my behavior and try to find ways to become a better person. There is always room for growth and improvement! Maybe our politicians will find time to reflect on their bad behavior and realize how they are destroying our country and pitting the democrats and republicans (or the left and right....or the liberal and conservative) against each other. The best thing about the US is having the right to free speech and the privilege of democracy.


It appears our President is becoming a monster in office....what happened to all the promises he made during those empowering speeches during the campaign. I think he is a puppet for someone with power who helped him get into office (he was pretty much unknown with little political experience when he became the Democratic nominee). Or maybe his true personality is coming to light. What does it mean when a president yells at his constituents to "bring it on" during the turmoil he has created with his so-called health reform. It seems he was hell-bent on getting the reform passed to stroke his own ego. There is no transparency in his form of government especially when you close the doors on anyone who shares a different opinion.


I think every one should be worried right now as the government takes over more and more of private sector businesses. How can that be good for stimulating our economy and creating jobs for all the unemployed people? I guess the employer to work for now is for the IRS as they increase their number of employees by an additional 17,000 to become the enforcers over doctors, businesses, and individuals for this idiotic health reform that was shoved down our throats despite the opposition of many Americans. As more details of the reform become available to the public, we will see that they were not looking out for our interest. My case in point is the botched up language for pre-existing conditions for children as broadcast on the news tonight. The insurance companies have already discovered a loop hole in the language to find ways to not cover these children. And what will the premium be if they are accepted? If the politicians really wanted to do us a favor, they should have taken more time to put together a well drafted bill to reform insurance companies rather than to take on a government run insurance business that they are currently failing at (Medicaid and Medicare).


Sorry to get off on a rant but I really am not happy with our political leaders right now. I don't believe in a Socialist government but it seems as that will be the near future of the United States. What ever happened to truth, liberty, and justice for all?

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Taken on March 28, 2010