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and then it exploded | by flush gorden
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and then it exploded

Have you ever wondered if stress and anxiety is quantifiable...erm...thingy? Something that can be measured by the use of a device or....well yeah, a device. I shuffled into this current century and got myself a bit of wearable tech. You can tell it's future tech because it needs charged every other day whereas that old fangled wearable tech lasted years without needing the battery changed. Pffft you're living in the past there with you cool vintage looking timepiece.


Maybe I won't put that one away just yet.


But look. I wore this. It measured all the bodily functions that could be related to stress and anxiety. And then it exploded. I can't say if it was of its own doing or if it couldn't handle the sort of things my body gets up to. It was kaboom. I nearly had an outward expression of emotion.


I did enjoy the earth-shattering kaboom. It's not often you get to have a kaboom. It was a very satisfying experience. Of course, it does mean that my gloves aren't going to experience the same level of use and there's a good chance my watch will now fall off. Oooh, maybe I could attach something useful to the end. Like a fork. No...that's just silly. I always have my fork in my other hand.


Wonder if I can kaboom anything else.

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Uploaded on April 5, 2021