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fortunately i keep all my pieces numbered | by flush gorden
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fortunately i keep all my pieces numbered

I'm tired. Not just regular tired. So super tired that it arrives as soon as I wake up and it's wearing a cape. Is this an age thing? Then I don't like it. I wasn't designed to have aged. Or is this an anxiety and depression thing? Then I don't like that. Although anxiety and depression do seem to fit perfectly into my personality. It's like there was an empty space there needing to be filled with something and they were shmooshed in there like shmooshy things.




Those are shmooshy things.


Though I'm not entirely convinced. Not about the Marshmallows. Science has proven their shmooshiness. Though I now realise I've been spelling smooshiness wrong but I've come this far and I am not prepared to go back and fix it. Shmooshy.


The depression thing. I'm not sure if that's the thing. That might just be tiredness and laziness and a few other members of "The Family Ness". Look it up, you won't be disappointed.


The anxiety part, I'm pretty sure that's real. That low-level hum of it that hangs around when you're stuck in situations you'd rather not be in and the flight or fight instincts kick in and you can't do either and so your brain goes off in all different directions at once and just abandons you. The little grey bugger that it is. Leaving you to go to pieces but fortunately, I have numbered all my pieces for just such an emergency.


Oh god, I'm missing number four. That was the important part. No...found it. I was sitting on it. Oh, it really does feel just as soft as my...*ahem*...the important thing is I found it.


Bugger....this isn't mine. This is half a Pringle.

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Taken on March 6, 2021