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like my coat, it's raw haggis skin | by flush gorden
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like my coat, it's raw haggis skin

Day Thirteen:


I don't need to huff and puff, I know where you all are. I follow the trail of chocolate drops and candy floss down the hole for bunnies. I am of course attempting to make what's coming seem a little less....unpleasant. It was sheep shit and wool down a rabbit hole where they appear to be congregating. I don't know how they got down there but I'm assuming one squeezed it's big puffy body down there and the rest followed.


It does make it so much easier. A big bad wolf has to look after it's pack and being the worst of them all I am a pack of one. I don't know if I can stop myself when I get down there. I know I should make it a bit more sporting. Give them a head start. Keep the fact that I'm coming to get them more of a surprise but look at those delicious little beasties.


There's a bunch of them sitting in the corner trying to will me away and...who throws carrots? Your health food is not going to stop me. You have to understand that I kill, I eat, I do it again. It's just my nature. People, rabbits, sheep, you're all just food to me and I'll be all the stronger for it. I'll target the ones that refuse to take a shot at me and take my chances at the ones that will. The right shot will take me out but luckily there's enough of you too scared to take it that I'll be feeding on you forever.

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Taken on October 13, 2020