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i thought they were already mandatory | by flush gorden
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i thought they were already mandatory

Wear a mask. Yes you, wear a mask. When you get on a bus...wear a mask. Go into a shop....wear a mask. Got a plook on your face that refuses to pop? Then this is your time to hide that shine in an inconspicuous manner....wear a mask. Although I thought we were already all wearing masks anyway. I know I am.


It's not because masks are cool. Which they are. Especially the ones I made myself. My face, sometimes I have no idea what it's doing. Do you all know what your face is doing? Do you? You can't see it so how do you know it's doing the thing you think it's doing? And there's the other things. The things you have happening in your brain that you don't want to show on your face. The mask doth slip and it might not end well.


Sometimes it's so much easier to give people the facade they want just for an easy life. And money. I also do it for money. Imagine if you could just rip off that mask and let people see what's underneath. It would not end well. Because deep deep down. Deep down. No...deeper than that. Yes there. Deep there you would find that I really don't know what I'm doing.


But I can pretend I do.

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Taken on June 28, 2020