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is this number one or two | by flush gorden
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is this number one or two where do you think you're going? No no no, I don't think you're quite understanding the situation here. Walking outdoors is a privilege now. A privilege that has to be earned. So on you go. Start earning. I don't know how you earn these things. They weren't particularly specific about the rules. It's all vagaries about no more than two peop....wait a mo.


One...two...and a half. Two. Only two of you together. He doesn't live with you, he barely exists outside of your imagination. I mean what is the point of him really? The muppet will have to stay home but the bird can go out. With his stupid bald head and ever-spreading hips. You don't need your imaginary friend to carry you about, you can walk about fine on your own.


And you, yeah you in the back. "Active Wear"? There is a fine line between hoodie and active wear and are you wearing it to be active? Don't mumble. No, I didn't think. Well, I suppose that doesn't make you any different from anyone else who buys "Active wear", the irony of it would make the Morissette blush. Because that actually was ironic.

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Taken on March 29, 2020