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one and completely done | by flush gorden
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one and completely done

Government sanctioned exercise does not have to take place just outdoors. Exercise, it may end you but at least you can say you tried. You can be throwing your body into the up and down and in and out sort of exerc...wait...that doesn't sound like exercise. Oh gawd, it sounds like something else. Something dirty....Carpentry. You know, you have your piece of wood in your hand and you're cutting it up and down or taking it in and out of the giant carpentry machines. And you get all covered in sawdust. Such a dirty job.


But even when you're stuck in the house you can build your muscles or at least pretend to. Yes, there's a reason you rarely see the front bits. Not impressive at all. It is the squishening. I believe it comes to everyone at some point. You can fight it and you may win but when the cost of it is sweeties and cakes and cakes covered in sweeties is that really a battle you want to win?


I say nay.


One pull up is all you're getting. I mean I could do instalments. Ah but there was a day when I did do ten. It nearly ended me. I was like a pile of jelly afterwards. I'm not sure what flavour. Most likely strawberry. Maybe Raspberry. Is there a Raspberry? And would it be blue? I've never understood why Raspberry flavoured sweeties are blue. Can't they just be a different shade of Red?


I might have to Google this. But I probably won't. But I have and now I know.


You can Google too.

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Taken on March 26, 2020