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they cleared this out too | by flush gorden
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they cleared this out too

It has gone beyond your regular panic buying now. We have ventured into foraging territory. I'm sure this field was full of the most raw bread you could ever find. There may have even been some deconstructed cake amongst it all. But look at it. Well, yes, the farmer may have taken in the crop and bundled it up and sent it out to where ever it may go but do we accept this answer?


I heard a feeble "Nay" in the back row.


For nay. We shall not trust what may be a perfectly reasonable and possibly correct and logical answer to this. For that is what they want you to believe. This is how they get away with it. They shall be hiding, watching, giggling to themselves as they watch your brain put two and two together and getting four when the right answer is actually pan bread.


Yes, the field has been murderised and it's body desecrated and turned into illegally baked bread. I bet they even cut the flour with flower to make it go further and let them claim that it's "Artisan" bread. Ah, those craft buggers. We shall not fall for that deviousness. For we shall forever be loyal to the greatest of all bread. The Tiger Bread.


Salt and Cracked Black Pepper I salute you.


And then I eat you.

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Taken on March 24, 2020