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no i did not run out of underwear | by flush gorden
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no i did not run out of underwear

Yes, I know what you're thinking. I'm allowed out. This is my Government Sanctioned outside exercise time. Can you see any people about? No. That's because my social awkwardness is my greatest strength for it frightens off the normals and keeps them from getting within two metres of my body. For my body doesn't want people that close to it unless it is a very special occasion


No, I am not wearing this because I ran out of underwear. The places your mind goes. I don't know what to... I mean how do you....that is are you sure....why would you ask such a thing? I have plenty of underwear. I just thought that the world needed a bit more sexy in it and if I go somewhere with no one to disagree with me I can say I am providing the sexy. And I did. Because no one said I wasn't. So I did.


It's all about perception. If you perceive it to be true then it is true. Unless someone points out that it isn't. Then we have to wonder if your brain is working at its optimum capacity. Do you still think it's true? Yeah, we might have to get you fixed. Don't worry, I have experience in turning things off and on again. Not people but I'm sure it's just a matter of hitting the right buttons and flicking the right switch. Now, where are these switching? Dammit, no buttons either.


Why is it I can never turn anyone on?

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Taken on March 24, 2020