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the best thing about this......i found a packet of sweeties in the pocket | by flush gorden
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the best thing about this......i found a packet of sweeties in the pocket

Week Thirty One:


I put it on and hmm what could this be in the pocket? I don't remember putting a pen in there. Wait it's not a pen, it'''s a wee packet of Fizzers. Yay!


You wait and wait for a little bit of good fortune and then it turns up in the form of fizzy little sweeties. Oh yes I'm sure some monetary fortune would have been nicer for with that money I could buy so so many packets of Fizzers but nay I would not turn up a nose, hand or other appendage at the sight of sweeties that were laying there in the wardrobe unbeknownst.


I'm not sure I like that word "Unbeknownst". It seems a little bit greedy to me. Well maybe not that particular word since at the centre of it in the word "Know". But no "Know" wasn't happy with just being plain little "Know". No it wanted to be more and while most words are happy just to have one little prefix this one overreached and took both "Un" and "Be" though not before it had headed down the gym and bulked up to be "Known". Oh but no know no now it wasn't happy with it's end and decided to implant it with a bit of "St". And then after all that hard work of grabbing and scrounging and adding bits to itself it's become to big to fit out the door of the dictionary and only managed to squeeze out when someone want to wax lyrical or perhaps rhapsodic.


It's the wax that does it.

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Taken on August 5, 2010