droppy little droplets

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    If you stand really sitll. Really really still. So still that you may appear invisible to the naked eye. Where you find that nothing about you has any motion at all. When you are absolutely and positively still. I do not know where I'm going with this one.

    We had a good start there with "If" but then it started falling apart after that. I'm not going to say this is how it was meant to be but when you really think about it nothing isn't that a metaphor for life? No, maybe, I suppose if you are really good at finding the tenuous meanings of words in a certain order then there's a good chance you'll find something.

    Something could drop in, like a spot of inspiration. Like a bead of dew on a washing line awaiting to descend to it's grassy doom. Doom. Everything sounds so dramitic when there's added doom. There's always room for a little doom.

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