Redd Kross
On this incomparable episode of Room 205, director Tim Manning and cinematographer Ryan Baker used multiple RED Epic and Scarlet-X cameras in unison with more than 20 GoPro HD cameras to capture the smarts, smiles, harmonies, melodies, ripping skills, primary colors, fancy shoes, and hair-spinning showmanship of the truly legendary Redd Kross. (Trust us, making this was bonkers). From the kaleidoscopic, hyper-colored bodega of "Uglier" to the red storm of "Researching The Blues" to the arena-ready white lights of "Pop Show," this is psychedelic power pop at its finest — played by the best.

Redd Kross have always been too good, too perfect, too true, to believe. Mythic. Did they really open for Black Flag? Could Jeff and Steven McDonald really have been born and raised in the Beach Boys' hometown of Hawthorne, California, and did Jeff really see the Beatles live in 1966? Is that really their hair? Could Researching the Blues, their first studio album in 15 years, be the best start-to-finish Redd Kross record ever? Somehow, the answer to all the above is improbably, wonderfully YES. Here's to their beautiful reunion! Redd Kross Forever!


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Executive Producer
• Incase:

• Arlie Carstens:

• Tim Manning:

Set Designer
• Tamarra Younis:

Set Assistant
• Katie Risinger:

Audio Engineer
• J. Clark:

Mix Engineer
• Steven McDonald:

• Ryan Baker:
• Lawrence Coleman III:
• Tim Manning:
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Director of Photography
• Ryan Baker:

Video Editors:
• Forrest Borie:
• Tim Manning:

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Performing Artist
• Redd Kross:

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• Judy Miller:

Room 205 Theme Song
• Cora Foxx: theheapsf.composer
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