I Break Horses
While on a recent US tour supporting M83, Sweden's I Break Horses stopped into Room 205 for a deeply weird live session during a brutal heatwave. It was HOT and they were sick as dogs, so they stripped to their underwear before a single note warbled from their synths. Even so, the vibe created by the white light/white heat/white underwear delivered the first almost-perfect episode of Room 205. Huge thanks to IBH and director Forrest Borie for making it through the wilderness. Enjoy.

Welcome to the densely layered world of I Break Horses, the nom de plume of Maria Lindén and musical partner Fredrik Balck. Residing in Stockholm, Sweden, the duo quietly crafted their 2011 debut album Hearts via stolen moments gathered up over a span of three years. Although heavily (and openly) influenced by MBV, Slowdive and Jesus & Mary Chain, I Break Horses is far from an exercise in typical shoegaze fare. Coupled with Lindén's vocal, a gorgeous Scandinavian croon bathed in layers of oceanic reverb and tremelo, and God only knows how many synths, drum pads and ornately effected guitar chords, I Break Horses offers a unique sonic experience unlike anything else you'll soon hear.


• YouTube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC4EEUwd7e4k9rPmvqeXos5-fhQjMym2t
• Vimeo: vimeo.com/album/2244936

• Flickr: flic.kr/s/aHsjBZaS8L

• SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/goincase/sets/i-break-horses-at-room-205


Executive Producer
• Incase: goincase.com

• Arlie Carstens: disastercasual.typepad.com

• Forrest Borie: vimeo.com/forrestborie

Set Designer
• Tamarra Younis: union-of-art.net

Audio Engineer
• J. Clark: facebook.com/jason.clark.752

• Forrest Borie: vimeo.com/forrestborie
• Conor Simpson: vimeo.com/likeamaniac
• Jeffrey Peters: vimeo.com/user2059918
• Arlie Carstens: disastercasual.typepad.com

Director of Photography
• Jeffrey Peters: vimeo.com/user2059918

• Forrest Borie: vimeo.com/forrestborie

• Arlie Carstens: disastercasual.typepad.com

Performing Artist
• I Break Horses: ibreakhorses.se

• Bella Union: bellaunion.com

Room 205 Theme Song
• Cora Foxx: theheapsf.com
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