High Places
Throughout its nearly five years of existence, High Places has toured extensively and performed in a multitude of environments. Whether playing at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan or in an industrial warehouse in Santiago, Chile, the band's enveloping sound and propulsive energy allow the music to translate to a variety of venues. Much to our enjoyment, they recently came by Room 205 to play inside our enormous yarn sculpture.

High Places began as an experiment in collaboration: two people with diverse artistic backgrounds coming together to merge their skills and aesthetic tastes. Rob Barber grew up listening to punk and hardcore, and Mary Pearson studied bassoon performance, but both gravitated toward a DIY compositional style and a love of layers. High Places' songs contain a fascinating range of aural layers: bells and bird calls over a wash of ocean waves; mallets hitting mixing bowls over treated guitar and glockenspiel; Mary's reflective vocals over Rob's homemade beats. The result is an imaginative and spacious amalgam of sounds that is as immediate as it is refreshing.


• YouTube: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC4EEUwd7e4kYsSY8n8HzG6ixrFpKv40m
• Vimeo: vimeo.com/album/2230432

• Flickr: flic.kr/s/aHsjtMC5pX

• SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/goincase/sets/high-places-at-room-205


Executive Producer
• Incase: goincase.com

• Arlie Carstens: disastercasual.typepad.com

• Otto Arsenault: ottoarsenault.com

Set Designer
• Sophia Rubio: nothingisbeautifulanymore.com

Audio Engineer
• Butchy Fuego: twitter.com/butchyfuego

• Jon Barlow: vimeo.com/jonbarlow
• Sophia Rubio: nothingisbeautifulanymore.com
• Otto Arsenault: ottoarsenault.com

• Otto Arsenault: ottoarsenault.com

Art Department
• Lauren Barlow
• Melissa Huddleston

• Frits Dejong: imdb.com/name/nm0208997

• Arlie Carstens: disastercasual.typepad.com

Performing Artist
• High Places: hellohighplaces.blogspot.com

• Thrill Jockey: thrilljockey.com

Room 205 Theme Song
• Cora Foxx: theheapsf.com
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