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  1. Ms Dania 100 months ago | reply

    i have only heard of the Stash Tea and the Nutella!
    on and the snack wells! :P

    some interesting stuff.. i love have you have it labeled!!!

  2. backporchpoet77 100 months ago | reply

    I'm a big Trader Joes fan too.

  3. Ms Dania 100 months ago | reply

    i had also never heard of Trader Joes until i went to Michigan!

  4. Swirl [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

    This is a cool shot, but for the Trader's Joes group, we need stuff that's *only* from Trader Joes, unless it's out of the package (i.e. served with other foods or in a recipe). Thanks :D

  5. monicavflores 99 months ago | reply

    I see some peanut butter next to the nutella. I suggest ya throw it away now! Didn't you read this?

    Does Peanut Butter Recall Spell the End for Childhood Staple?


  6. JustCallMeViv 98 months ago | reply

    Thats some true TJ's love going on in there!

  7. danakscully64 92 months ago | reply

    TJ is the best! That Pomegrante White tea is my favorite! I have the lemon ginger tea too. I'm just dying to try the vegan cookies... next trip :)

  8. HappyLife123 90 months ago | reply

    Mmm. Nutella. I was craving that today.

  9. + kevin + 71 months ago | reply

    Looks good =)

  10. Angela Boothroyd 63 months ago | reply

    Thank you very much for sharing this photo - I've used it on a short post for English language learners. I hope this is ok.



  11. kulemba93 8 months ago | reply

    I have used this image in an article I have written for Infobarrel. If you would like me to remove the image, please, please contact me here! Here is the link to the article:
    Thank you for the image!

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