Nikon FE2 vs Vivitar Ultrawide: Haji Lane 18.10.07
Slugfest between the Nikon FE2 and the Vivitar Ultrawide & Slim!

First round: Haji Lane.

What I did was basically take identical shots with each camera. Most of the photos come in pairs, but for those that don't, means that the other photo was probably underexposed or didn't make me feel satisfied with it.

The day was cloudy and drizzled a little, while the sun only came out when I finished my rolls of film. Bah.

Forgot to keep my paws off the front face of the lens - you can see the shadows and in some photos, the wrist strap dangling in front.

This time, I had the negatives scanned instead of getting prints. No post-processing was done - wysiwyg.

I was using the 35mm for the Nikon, film is Fuji Superia 400, I think. Developed @ the exorbitantly-charging Marine Hawaii Photo. Won't be going back there again.

Thanks to Nic who awed me enough with his Vivitar shots that I went to buy the compact, plastic little beauty. We were supposed to meet up to shoot at Haji Lane, but couldn't due to some scheduling conflicts.

Soon, my friend, soon.
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