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ewok2 is dead, long live ewok2

...this is what it looks like when a machine refuses to boot.


It is very sad.


This machine, ewok2 (running SUSE Linux), started halting a couple of days ago. I kept having to ride my bike over to the vault and reboot it. I got rained on several times! It hosted our primary name server, a legacy webmail system, and v(irtual)mail. After about 30 hours of instability, it finally it hanged during boot and just would not continue. I hard-reset it a couple of times, but boot wouldn't complete. Dead.


So I found a chassis just like the one it was in and took it over to the vault with the intention of moving ewok2's hard drive into a new machine. I never could get the fucking hard drive out (my GM basically destroyed the chassis getting it out this morning!).


Anyway, this is what it looked like the last time I tried to get it to boot.


All of ewok2's services have been moved to other machines.

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Uploaded on February 16, 2012