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Clothing Bomb! OMG so excited!

...friend (and fan) Susette told me at a gig last month that she had some Tibetan wrap shorts she thought I'd like. She said she'd bring them to the next gig.


Well, she travels a lot for work and couldn't make the next gig, and the one after that she forgot the shorts. Eventually she messaged me on Facebook and said needed my address so she could "send the fabric over."


Today I got two boxes in the mail. She sent ALL THE CLOTHES YOU SEE HERE, plus a tiered purple floor-length sun dress I was wearing while taking the picture! Dresses, tops, pants, skirts... on the right is a silk-lined Chinese jacket with dragons embroidered on it and it's gorgeous.


I can't believe how awesome this is. She must have a hell of a closet, if these are her hand-me-downs... there are several items I not only like but love, and you know me, I've needed new clothes forever.


Best. Mail. Day. EVER.

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Taken on August 18, 2010