Hundimiento Zona 2 (1)

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    Hundimiento por socavación del agua en la Zona 2 de la Ciudad de Guatemala.
    No se puede decir aún qué pasó porque no han terminado los análisis por parte de la Coordinadora Nacional para la Reducción de Desastres (CONRED); estos establecerán como está el colector de drenaje para saber si este mismo fue la causa y se están haciendo análisis de suelo para determinar si sus características han intervenido, en conjunto a los volúmenes de agua, en el repentino hundimiento.
    De momento se pondrán barreras para que paredes no colapsen por lluvias y, de igual manera, se rodeará agujero para evitar que si llueve, el agua no se filtre por allí.

    Fotos: Paulo Raquec.

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    1. iAlterAxis 47 months ago | reply

      Hey this is Dustin Green from the band Altered Axis. Very Interesting pictures. Funny how everything we see in movies seems to actualize, become real in life. Anyone see the movie Fantastic 4 the rise of the silver surfer? or Avatar or 2012? Its almost as if movies are in preperation, to keep people calm when the actual event occurs...Hmmm. I wonder if this oil spill thing isnt just an expensive diversion created by the corporation better known as the Nephilim or The Bilderberg group and the payment taken out on the backs of the common man ..beter known as the poor man. Anyway, just a thought. I wrote the tune B>P (Snake) Oil as a result) with everything you said as the foundation...I would add though, that after all the land is screwed up for the common man, what will be done with it? Who will own it? And what important happenings/Occurances in the world are we being diverted from? Hers one of my bands oh heres a peak into the Bilderbergs

    2. Sombra Azul 47 months ago | reply

      Increíble!!!!, a donde ira a parar toda esa tierra?

    3. Reiki Japonés 46 months ago | reply


      Saludos desde Chile!

    4. 瞎子的眼光 46 months ago | reply


    5. New World Orderr 44 months ago | reply

      this aint photoshop this is real and this is whats goin to happen on 12.21.12

    6. merlin76guate 36 months ago | reply

      Although it might seem photoshoped, it is not check out this other photo you will be able to see the small pipes for drains (small holes on the right wall below the black cable, and the white water pipes.

    7. merlin76guate 36 months ago | reply

      sorry to tell you this is all too real, check out this lower angle photo you will be able to see pipes for water mains and drains. No utilities are run underground in Guatemala they run on elevated cables, no natural gas pipes.

    8. merlin76guate 36 months ago | reply

      Finally in this next pic you can see power lines droping into the site, as well as street sewage main on a different angle. I assure you this is no photoshop it is trully horrible what hapened. It is the second sink hole to appear in a 2 mile radius. Sadly enough both sink holes have taken lives, on the first a complete house swallowed and an entire family, on the second one, a taxi, and a couple people while walking in the rain in the darkened street. local press release

    9. @_Schuindt_ 35 months ago | reply

      Let's goo....

    10. davensuze (Seriously, I'm not Ted Raynor) 34 months ago | reply

      You know you've made a great shot when it's the thumbnail for 25 galleries named WTF and Holy Shit.

    11. Lagrangepoint 32 months ago | reply

      What's going on here?

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