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if i loose one leg, still got one leg to stand

the main body of this old church is gone leaving this part still standing. I was told the church was built over 200 years ago. I'd like more information if anyone has any please.


This church is Christ Church and was built as a Mission Church and it was built in 1846 by William Hayley. In about 1877 it was severely damaged by a ferocious fire over at the mill opposite that was so bad that the church spire had to be demolished and rebuilt and the church clocks melted. The spire was rebuilt as an exact replica of the original and the owner of Bramhall Hall at the time paid for new church clocks as a gesture to the town.

By the 1970s it was decaying with lots of dry rot and the roof was in urgent need of repair. It was also in financial difficulty and attempts at restoration failed and they sold all internal fittings (pews, statues, font etc to other churches) and closed the church for good and parishoners were relocated to another church.

I've always loved this church but I don't remember it with it's main body as I was only born in March 1977 and it took me years to find out about the church. It's a shame that information isn't more readily available for it as it is one of Stockport's most interesting, unique and spooky landmarks.

The church grounds which had once been wellkept became a fly tippers paradise and graves became desecrated and some of the bodies disturbed by people hoping to find gold in the coffins. Some of the graves are still open although the bodies will be nothing more than dust now.

In November 1977, during the Firefighters Strike, a fire started (believed to have started in the roof) and they couldn't save the church due to the extent of the damage. The bells were also stolen in 1977 and the stained glass was destroyed by the heat. It's ironic that exactly 100 years after the mill fire that destroyed the spire, a fire destroyed the church but the only part that the Green Goddess' managed to save was the tower and spire!

They demolished the main body of the church, just leaving an outline of the original building and a few years later, they went on to demolish the accompanying school and sold off part of the church grounds as well as the school grounds to housing developers who have now built houses where the school once stood. There's no evidence to suggest they've built on graves though and there is a strip of wasteland between the graveyard and the houses.

The Council still maintain the grass of the graveyard but access is restricted unless you enter through gaps in the fencing on the Belmont Path.

The remains of Christ Church are now listed and can be seen clearly from Lyme Park if you climb to the Cage Hunting Lodge and look straight ahead.


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Taken on January 5, 2011