arrow tracks

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    I had fun yesterday night doing light painting again. This time I wanted more light shapes than I usually use, so I created 2 new light sources. One is made from a neon tube that you can get in home decoration shops, and the other is a cardboard made arrow mounted on my flash. The results are quite interesting. It's of course quite abstract again but I really like the graphical aspect brought by the arrows in this series of photo.

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    1. Mishel Churkin 92 months ago | reply

      simple, but very nice
      like it
      how do u do (i meen arrows?)

    2. Patrick Brosset 92 months ago | reply

      For the arrows, I use a flash (not mounted on the camera), with a cardboard box around it with a arrow-shaped hole in the middle. Then I fire the flash whenever I want with the strobe test button.

    3. captargh7 92 months ago | reply

      Please don't take this wrong, but why go to this trouble when you could Photoshop the arrows in later without the set-up effort? I like the effect, but I would create it using post work.

    4. tdub303 92 months ago | reply


      going to all that trouble to get some effect done in camera is what this art is all about. try it it is addictive!

      BTW, gnack, i to just tried a stencil for the first time.


    5. Mishel Churkin 92 months ago | reply

      2gnackgnackgnack: thank you for answer :)

    6. Patrick Brosset 92 months ago | reply

      @captargh7: my point of view is just like gaijin303's. Doing light painting is really fun and addictive! You'll find yourself having a lot more fun and inspiration than by simply seating in front of the computer with photoshop. At least that's my view.
      I agree however that this very photo does not bring much compared to what could have been done on a computer, but with light painting, you can really go further than that: including people in the shot is one idea, but if you have a look at this or this, you'll see what's possible.
      Anyway, thanks all for the comments.

    7. eran hakim 92 months ago | reply

      Nice one, i really like it.

    8. Mishel Churkin 92 months ago | reply

      2gnackgnackgnack: u absolutley right! (about your answer to captargh7)

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