Glenn's Lightning & Storms
Here's a collection of my best Lightning Shots of the past few years. Thanks for all the comments, views, and favorites. Hope you Enjoy what I have here.

--My Technique for Photographing Lightning--

Ive spent a few years of trial and error trying to perfect my technique, hopefully some of this information will prove useful for some of you out there.

By far the greatest assist is my camera, Canon Digital Rebel T1i. Digital is the way to go if you want some great lightning shots. Yes you can get lightning shots with 35mm cameras, but you cant check your progress until you develop them the next day. Me I'll take a group of shots and then review them right then and there to see whether I'm in focus or if the iso speed is correct and you cant do that with film cameras. Make sure you have a camera with aperture priority, usually I set mine for 30 sec exposures. Be sure you carry a spare battery or two with you, taking long exposures is a drain on your battery, so have your backups ready. Usually I keep my film speed settings at iso 400 or lower, any higher and there will be to much grain in the final images. I use a remote to trigger the shutter to avoid any extra vibrations, but if you don't have a remote, I've even used the built in timer, that works well too. Focus is a tough thing to do at night! I found that if I focus on a light source a couple miles from me usually works well. Be sure to turn off your auto focus before you take your images and be careful to not mess up the focus you just got set. Use a heavy duty tripod or a window mount for your car. Personally I like using the window mount, seems less susceptible to the wind and there's no worries about being a human lightning rod with it. By far the thing that helps me the most is knowing where the lightning is. I use my cell phone to help me track the storms, the service I use is called My Cast Weather 5.0, it cost me less than $4 a month to use. It's able to give me your typical looping radar maps, but a nice feature that I haven't seen with other services is it has up to the minute looping lightning maps, which is awesome. It even will alert me through text messages if lightning is in the areas that I designate. Well as a end note, be patient with this form of photography it takes many shots to get a couple of good ones and be careful out there when chasing some of these storms, its not worth the shot if you get hurt trying to get it.

Glenn ;-)
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