The REAL Texas Embassy

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    Stroll around a London corner and often you’ll find something interesting, like this. This plaque marks the site of what once what once was the actual, genuine Texas Embassy (or “Legation”). It’s at the junction of Pickering Place and St James Street on the wooden wall of Berry Brothers wine merchants.

    Texas was an independent nation between its liberation from Mexico in 1836 and its entry into the United States in 1845, and during that time-period set up embassies in Britain and in France - this one, and another in France at 1 Place Vendom 75001, Paris, which also has its own plaque. This states that they were the legation to the “Court of St James”, which was the palace of the British monarchy before Buckingham Palace was acquired, and by tradition ambassadors are still appointed to the Court of St James even today. St James Palace is less than a minute’s walk from here. So if you’re visiting from Texas, take a photo of the bearskin-wearing sentries guarding the Palace, buy a bottle of wine from Berry Brothers and take a look at this plaque.

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    1. boncey 102 months ago | reply

      Do they serve nachos?

    2. DaveWilliams 102 months ago | reply

      Excellent find Glyn, although I suspect it's not luck. You seem to have a knack for finding the little know details of London. Well done.

    3. Glyn1 102 months ago | reply

      Well thanks, but I've bought a few bottles of wine from Berry Brothers on occasion - I can definitely recommend their house Bordeaux for a fiver, with a rather elegant bag to carry it in.

    4. groovehouse 100 months ago | reply

      Very cool find!! Thanks for sharing this with us! Being a Texan I am always proud to see things like this! Sometimes I wish Texas was still its own nation! My friend, BuckarooKid, sent a link to this photo so I could see it! Thanks BK and Glyn1

    5. Reciprocal of Phi Photography 97 months ago | reply

      I made my girlfriend wander around st james for an hour and a half looking for this last week, and I finally found it. What a great little piece of home to find so far away!
      Found in a search. (?)

    6. Glyn1 96 months ago | reply

      I hope you bought a bottle of wine from Berry Brothers to compensate her. Yes, it's a pity the group that put this up - the Anglo-Texan Society - are no longer in existence. Reading between the lines, it seems to have been a group of businessman seeking an excuse for parties in London and Dallas, but they closed down in the 1960s, perhaps they didn't really need an excuse for a drink.

    7. RockN 92 months ago | reply

      Few of this in the U.S. realize that both Texas and California were short-lived independent nations.

    8. charles_c_thomas 70 months ago | reply

      The Republic of Texas is on the rise again.

      RockN, We were a nation for 9 years and had overseas diplomatic posts. Not exactly what I would call "short-lived"

    9. RockN 70 months ago | reply

      It's all relative but while 9 years may be fairly short in terms of world history it is certainly significant, so I stand corrected.

      There are several of these movements at the present, including Alaska and Vermont. I would like to think that this issue was resolved in 1865 and I am certain that there many people in the world who would like nothing better than the United States being splintered.

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