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    My wife and I are fond of reading (but I have no time any more since I have started with ODC; hmm, perhaps I need a workshop in time management). On our book shelves in the living room, the books are stashed even in double rows. But there is still room for this wooden reader.

    ODC - Theme (08-03-2012): Brown

    1. bechaugen 26 months ago | reply

      What a great bookend. I see you found some brown spines among the stacks as well. Time management, when you figure it out, could you pass along some advice?

    2. Marja* 26 months ago | reply

      Wow, beautiful brown! I love the stillness of the statuette.
      Here in our house reading is also a good second hobby.
      (thank you for the compliments on my fork, I'm verry happy with my macro-lens, it's sad you can't have one :-(

    3. Bron C (not here much) 26 months ago | reply

      What a lovely little statue!! Nice shot Luc!
      Reading is my next fav thing to ODC too!! I always manage a few pages of my book before I go to sleep!!

    4. Cathlon 26 months ago | reply

      Bron C said it all for me! Love that statue!

    5. Anna Hwatz Photography 26 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous little ornament Luc! I also used to LOVE reading, but I just don't have time with three little kids 8( and at the end of the day I'm just to knackered to pick a book up

    6. WernerKrause 26 months ago | reply

      very good answer to the challenge, time is what we need all of us
      Your photo is terrific!
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    7. Paul Lacey 26 months ago | reply

      I love the focus here. It's perfect.

    8. oceaneye 26 months ago | reply

      What a nice statuette for the bookcase. We are addicted to books in paper and electronic form.

    9. qualityandme 26 months ago | reply

      Terrific point of view for this shot!

    10. k4♥wea 26 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot for the theme, my household loves books too both physical and electronic and our bookshelves are the same (double rows etc!) Love the wooden ornament, so apt for a bookshelf :-)

    11. jayneboo 26 months ago | reply

      Lovely shot, lovely object, know what you mean about finding time to read. Used to be at bedtime for me, now most nights I find myself sitting in bed with the laptop (as now) trying to catch up with you all lol!

    12. Ontario Wanderer 26 months ago | reply

      Love the "reader." Yes, books, books, books, all over the place and not as much time to read as I would like. I do enjoy the Kindle app that I have on my iPhone as that lets me read any time there is a spare moment. I have about 30 classics that I plan on reading again when ever I have to wait in line, stand in an elevator, sit in the bathroom, etc.

    13. jiewphoto 26 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot.

    14. Barbara Taeger Photography 26 months ago | reply

      Yep....books are double and triple stacked over here as well....and I could use that class in time management also! Nice one Luc!

    15. Ari-さん (Ari-san) 26 months ago | reply

      Nice PoV & dof and an interesting statue!
      What's the stack of thick books on the right? Het Bureau?

    16. glukorizon 26 months ago | reply

      The stack on the right is part of the fantasy series by Raymond E. Feist, which fills about half of our bookcase. The pile in the back is another fantasy series by Dave Eddings, except the top one. All great books, though it is more my wife and sun that have read them all.
      To all: Thank you for your comments; I am glad to find so many book readers among you, and that I am not the only one struggling with time.

    17. I'm on FB, comments off, just back copies here 26 months ago | reply

      Wonderfully composed, Luc! Also love these soft tones!

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