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Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

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While driving home from errands yesterday I saw the first open cherry stand of the season. I pulled over and dug through my purse hoping I had some cash. I was lucky enough to find 4 ones and some change. So I went up to the lady at the stand and asked if I could get $5.00 worth. Conveniently, one of the small boxes of cherries on display was $5.00... perfect! Well, in the 10 minutes it took me to get home from there I had already decided I would HAVE to make some chocolate cherry cupcakes.


I remembered that I had a photo saved in my "favorites" of the most decadent and beautiful looking cupcakes ever, with chocolate dipped cherries on top, so I used that as my main inspiration. Here are those beauties,

I knew I even had almost the same fancy liners, so I pulled those out too.


I found a recipe here,

and made just a few changes.

My changes were:

add 1 egg (in with the oil and sugar mixture),

add 1/2 teaspoon baking powder,

I reduced the balsamic vinegar to 1 Tablespoon,

and I used apple cranberry juice as a substitute for cherry juice (because that's what I had on hand).


Overall- these were very good, but I wouldn't say perfect. I think next time I'll try to get cherry juice to use, and I think I'll leave out the balsamic vinegar all together. They have a nice moisture level, not too moist, but not at all dry. I think I would like even a little more cherry flavor (which I think using cherry juice would help), and a little richer chocolate flavor- but I'm a bit of a chocoholic, so my desired level of chocolate flavor may be higher than the average person.


I didn't use the frosting suggested with the recipe, although I'm sure it would be delicious. I frosted mine with Chocolate Ganache.

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Taken on May 25, 2009