Pinocchio Anolis (Anolis proboscis) in Ecuador

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    This animal was considered extinct for 50 years, until it was rediscovered in the cloudforest of Ecuador in 2005. Afterwards, it has been observed not very frequently, but enoughh to conduct some research. Even though, a whole pletora of sensationalistic titles (rediscovery, reborn from extinction) spread on the news when in 2010 a team of the ecuadorian herpetological company "Tropical Herping" finally succeeded in finding the species in the wild. You can learn a few things about this in this link.

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    1. Rolf Piepenbring 39 months ago | reply

      your wonderful shot was seen in:
      AWARD Natures Creations
      thank you for sharing !!
      Nat ure´s Creations – post 1 award 2

    2. TAB1855 39 months ago | reply

      Fabulous image!

    3. Ke Imhoff (Red Lens) 39 months ago | reply

      wow wonderful image, never seen anything like this before ;)

    4. João Batista** 39 months ago | reply

      This fantastic macro was seen in:

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    5. H2O74 39 months ago | reply

      !AWARD! Auf den ersten Blick
      habe ich es für ein Krokodil gehalten!
      SUPER Foto!

      nature is all - all is nature
      nature is all - all is nature

    6. Annelise LE BIAN 39 months ago | reply

      Una Foto Fantástica

      Fotos solo de animales

    7. OR_U 39 months ago | reply

      very nice closeup photography

    8. Nené Reguera 39 months ago | reply

      Wonderful !
      intensos 4Gracias Thanks Merci ♥

    9. Jan H. Boer, Nature photographer 39 months ago | reply

      your wonderful shot was seen in:
      AWARD Natures Creations
      thank you for sharing !!
      Nat ure´s Creations – post 1 award 2

    10. lunaryuna 39 months ago | reply

      awe-inspiring image. well done!

    11. coyrooster 39 months ago | reply

      Quite exciting to see an extremely rare lizard named Pinocchio. So rare nobody knows how many remain according to the IUCN Red List summary, and they're found only in Ecuador.

      With such a long snout this must be a male judging from images at Tropical Herping comparing male and female. A much more enthusiastic article at Anole Annals, published a year before the one linked to your caption, was written by Jonathan Losos, professor and curator of herpetology at Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology, extolling Pinocchio's charm and mystique.

      Zooming your image to Large 2048 tickles imagination about Pinocchio's proboscis. Did he stretch the truth too many times? Is it a sort of sword for defense, a lure for females? These are things that remain unknown according to Prof. Losos. Even in your jumbo Original the bokeh is satin smooth and the focus on his eye is sharp as can be. The lizard is hand-sized revealed in a photo by James Christensen who posted more including this one. But your image transports viewers into a tropical fantasy land. Bravo.

      The link below will go to the page this image appears year round, and to the spot if you help by scrolling.

      Seen at BORN to be WILD

    12. bentley7_7 39 months ago | reply

      Awesome looking creature!

    13. Susan Roehl 39 months ago | reply

      Beautiful capture of the Pinocchio Anolis, quite a unique animal.
      Seen at BORN to be WILD

    14. Rainbirder 39 months ago | reply

      Wonderful image of this outlandish lizard!!!
      Seen at BORN to be WILD

    15. kok.evelien 39 months ago | reply

      Wauw! What a special animal. Great shot.

    16. V.C. Wald 17 months ago | reply

      Cool animal, great photo!

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