Dakar, Tarmac & Trash

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    The immaculate Leopold Sedar Senghor airport at Dakar, Senegal.

    In 2007 I wrote a column for Salon, titled "Welcome to Dakar, Home of the World's Worst Airport." You can read the piece here:


    In 2008 I wrote a follow-up piece, about Senegal's plans to replace Senghor airport. You can read that one here:


    1. illflux 72 months ago | reply

      Holy shit. Those people are pigs.

    2. critttter 67 months ago | reply

      Love your column!

    3. yotung 66 months ago | reply

      We produce way more garbage per person in North America than they do in most places in Africa, except we haul it away and bury it so we don't have to think about it.

      When you're scrabbling to make enough money to feed yourself from day to day, though, picking up the trash in some place where no one ever hangs out or walks is pretty close to the bottom of your list of priorities.

      Pigs? I don't think so. So poor that you really don't give two shits about littering (and garbage pick-up is almost non-existent anyway)? Yeah, seems more likely.

    4. annie.janes 42 months ago | reply

      it not garbage white boy it's shell's and fish comin out when the water get's high .... how do u no that the people r poor u never been their so i think that u should keep your shit to your self iight

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