• Scissors to cut the chip off the Translink card
  • Tape to affix the Translink chip on my Palm Pre
  • Where the chip was
  • I taped the RFID chip on the back of my Palm Pre

The future of mobile payment is (not) here

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As I am trying to limit the number of credit and payment cards I am carrying in my wallet, I decided to experiment with my San Francisco MUNI card. What would happen if I were to tape the RFID chip on the back of my Palm Pre --would I still be able to pay when I get on the bus?

First, I cut the chip off the Translink card (now called Clipper). Then I taped it on the back of my Palm Pré while still allowing the back to close properly. Then I got on the bus.

  1. Global X 44 months ago | reply

    Failed experiment: I waved my Palm Pré close to the RFID reader, even touching it at several angles --it didn't work. The conductor asked me what I was doing. Rather than get into a technical explanation, I just gave him $2 in cash. EPIC FAIL!

  2. Global X 44 months ago | reply

    Follow up to my failed experiment: I removed the chip from my Palm Pre and tried to use it by itself to get on another bus: fail! Which means that the chip itself is not enough to connect with the MUNI's back end. It needs the card, or part of the card, as there may be a hidden antenna inside the layers.

    Lesson learned: I am ready for mobile payment, but mobile payment is not ready for me.

  3. sninesix 44 months ago | reply

    That's not an RFID chip you cut out. That's basically a SIM like you use in GSM phones. RFID doesn't require physical contacts with the chip in order to be read.

  4. Brian Madden 44 months ago | reply

    Yeah you cut out the wrong part. The Translink / Clipper card has two "chips" in it.. there's the smart chip with the gold contacts that you can see (and that you cut out), and there's the internal RFID chip (with internal antenna). At this time, Translink does not even make use if the smart chip.. that's for future cashless payment options. So actually you cut out the exact opposite of what you need.

    All that said, there's a very good chance that the remnant of what you cut out will still work.. (assuming you didn't cut through the antenna). So try using the translink carcass and save yourself the 5 bucks for the new card. :)

  5. jmsaltzman 44 months ago | reply

    With people regularly getting busted for fare evasion, it would be tricky (at best) to explain to a fare inspector that no no, you really do have a Clipper card, but you transplanted its critical organs into your phone...:o

    Even if it the tag-in-phone plan worked and they could scan your phone for the RFID tag for proof of payment, I imagine an inspector (and his or her supervisors) would suspect you of spoofing the reader.

  6. Eric Hunt. 44 months ago | reply

    I have not read the Clipper Terms of Service or the section of CA Criminal Code that allows the use of Clipper as valid transit fare but anyone interested in doing these types of modifications should definitely read them. I would not be surprised if what you've done has been anticipated and made illegal.

    Remember what happened to the guys who were going to show how insecure the Boston fare payment system was? Transit agencies *do not like* people messing with their stuff.

  7. Global X 44 months ago | reply

    Thanks, guys, for helping me understand why my experiment failed. First, I tried to use the wrong part of the card, something I should have noticed since the new Clipper cards don't have a smart chip. That should have told me that the antenna was inside the card. Doh!

    In addition, this whole experiment may or may not be legal, which is a bit sad considering that we are so close to Silicon Valley. If there is a place where innovation (without cheating) should be encouraged, it is San Francisco.

    Bottom line: we should ask MUNI to sell mini-Clipper cards that fit in a mobile phone, or in between the phone and the plastic case many people use to protect their phones.

  8. AlmostVinDiesel 44 months ago | reply

    Is anyone planning on doing a follow up and letting us know where the antennae is located?

  9. Eric Hunt. 44 months ago | reply

    Translink gave a presentation at my company well over a year ago and the representative told us the antenna is distributed throughout the entire card. Apparently people liked to punch a hole in the corner of the card and hang the card from a key ring, but the hole punch destroys the antenna.

  10. jakerome 42 months ago | reply

    Interesting stuff.

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