SAL Collection
Each piece I make has a story, each ring is a one of a kind.
Read below how Sal ring, my most popular and best selling ring, was born.
A restaurant/pizzeria on the Lower East side in Manhattan…
My friend Sal is cooking.
I’m keeping him company in his kitchen.
He washes the vegetables and I play with the rubber bands
that used to hold the broccoli stems together.

The SAL RING was born this way, between one word and another.

It is an homage to friendship…
because those who know Sal,
realize he is the best friend you can possibly have.

Like friendship, the SAL RING has a certain elasticity and resistance to wear and tear (but treat it with care).

Like friendship, it can be simple and precious at the same time, bonding rubber to silver.

Like friendship,, the SAL RING is very satisfying!
Playing with the elastics eliminates stress.

Try it !

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