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Star Wars Sale 3 | by Glen Mullaly
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Star Wars Sale 3

Scene: A Ford Lincoln Mercury dealership in a lower mid-sized Canadian city...

Time : August 1980...

Mood : Deflated...


Despite the blurriness of this Kodak moment you can clearly see the

high quality constuction and attention to authentic original film detail of the Chewbacca and Stormtrooper costumes. Chewie ( played by a pot-bellied, 6' 3"-ish fellow ) wore a standard gorrila or bear suit ( notice the gap between the mask and suit! ) with what I assume is a retail Don Post mask. The Darth and Stormtrooper masks were definitely $39.95 ( $50 - something in Canada, if I remember correctly! ) Don Post masks like the ones I had seen in the ads on the back cover of Starlog.


But the piece de resistance was the Stormtrooper costume....Don Post mask, okay...fine. Actually pretty good. I was impressed at the time. But I guess they figured that the mask was so impressive that the rest of the outfit wouldn't be noticed! I wish now I had a better shot of him but I understand why I didn't get one at the time. Over a loose fitting ( actually baggy ) black jumpsuit, the trooper wore a white ( no markings at all ) soft leatherette bib thing and waist piece. Another couple of pieces on the forearms and leggings. No gloves. Plus black shoes! It looked horrible. I was not impressed.


I don't know how much the dealership paid to hire these guys from an agency in Vancouver, have them come over on the ferry, do the gig, put them up in a motel, do the second day and then back on the ferry to Vancouver - but it couldn't have been cheap. Hopefully the sale went well, but I'm curious to know if the it was worth the cost.

In my mind at the time it had been a real bust. But my loss is your gain as we got some great photos out of the deal!


Needless to say we didn't attend the second day and there was not a Star Wars / Return of the Jedi sale.


Apparently there were other unlicensed SW automobile dealership promotions elsewhere. Check out this link from Star Wars uberfan Gus Lopez and scroll down for a couple of small photos and brief description of an even sadder looking cast of characters riding on a pick-up for a New Jersey dealership event...

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Taken in August 1980