Robocop gets stopped by Newtown Police

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    Sunday night @ Dendy carpark in Newtown, around midnight:
    I was nearby and heard some spray cans rattling, this amazing huge stencil was being painted. I had a great chat and found out about some great stencilling techniques. It was an honour to meet these people, but then...
    Police turned up playing bad cop good cop. It was scary and very sad.

    Next day I went to Dendy and spoke to the girl out front she would not let me speak to manager. If Dendy got stencils like these on their carpark they would not have to pay to repaint tags and scrbbles all the time. The stencils could be all movie related like this one! how cool would that be?
    but the girl refused to let me see the manager... is newtown being converted to a sterile yuppie land? are we living in V times?

    needless to say the stencil is missing its final layer of metallic light blue, the Police didn't let them finish it.

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    1. thepretenda 108 months ago | reply

      awesome stencil, sad story!

    2. conditionals 108 months ago | reply

      Totally better to spray at like 4am on a tuesday. Still, that's a horrible story, it's such a mad stencil.

      I'm hesitant about a tolerant stencil wall anywhere in Newtown with the blackout nutter on the loose.

    3. Glenda GlitaGrrl 108 months ago | reply

      yeah i hope to see this stencil finished one day soon.

      about spraying late, i don't think spraying late helps if you are caught, but it would prevent you from getting caught. (on this occasion the police used the fact it was a sunday at midnight and looked like without permission) but yeah 4am would be a time that people that would ring the police would be asleep, good tip!

      there is apparently a safe wall near enmore tunnel, and DO NOT let this psycho stop you!! on mary street i put some white speech bubbles where she had blacked out people's stuff, so now people can add their own words (again!)

    4. dsul3930 108 months ago | reply

      legal graffiti is pretty bunk

    5. Glenda GlitaGrrl 108 months ago | reply

      i guess i know what you mean dsul, but have you seen the graffiti tunel at sydney uni? sometimes there are some really cool things there.

      Thanks Ilight, ~and yeah itis a pretty glorious stencil it is huge!

    6. Gaia Art [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

      that stencil is so insane. ahah mechwaarrior damn

    7. Glenda GlitaGrrl 107 months ago | reply

      ok it was all just a big scare, that's their new tactic I guess.
      think they got off without anything bad.

      yeah this stencil rocks hey?
      i've said it once and will say it again I hope they get to finish it!

    8. tALSit de CoD 107 months ago | reply

      Yeah, that one really does rock :)

      There's this wall on the corner of Gladstone & Phillip St in Enmore (just up from This Is Silo), what they're actively encouraging stencils. They have a sign saying something like "No tags, just stencils".

      It on the wall of Steve Turner Photography or Silverpixel, I forget which.

    9. Glenda GlitaGrrl 107 months ago | reply

      yeah thanks for reminding me, I've heard of that wall and seen it from the train. Can't wait to spray on it!!! (a stencil of course!!) hee hee

    10. scribla 106 months ago | reply

      yeah not only is that wall near the tunnel in Enmore supported by the people who run the business on the other side...they clean it up aswell by painting over all the crappy tags.

    11. Glenda GlitaGrrl 106 months ago | reply

      hey Yeah! it is surprising how little stencils there are on that wall, I went there one night, and the next morning there was more. People must've come and sprayed on it later in the night, but the wall still has a lot of blank on it...

    12. h a n g i n g p i x e l s [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

      hey, very neat find and thanks for the back story....wonder if it's finish. I might go and have a look at this, since i only live like 2 min away. Newtown is cool, i've been living arond here ever since....

    13. thepretenda 103 months ago | reply

      to complete the story:

      this is near Camperdown =)

    14. Glenda GlitaGrrl 103 months ago | reply

      Hangingpixels glad you like it, you say you have been living in Newtown ever since what? i think maybe i didn't read it properly oops excuse me!

      Pretenda!!! How extra extra COOL is that???? I love that final layer.
      So glad that you posted it here, now the story gets an extra chapter!!
      Thanks heaps!! lemme know when you get your bike!

    15. InCluSióN 87 months ago | reply

      Este me encanta es super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eres linda.

    16. Glenda GlitaGrrl 87 months ago | reply

      y no esta acabdao, los artistas no puderam terminar!!
      que legal que tu estas encantado! tu gusta de mi stencils tambien?

    17. InCluSióN 87 months ago | reply

      no se bien cuales son tuyos pero si son tan lindos como tu si!

    18. Nils Jawa 86 months ago | reply

      For all you film buffs.

    19. Glenda GlitaGrrl 81 months ago | reply

      gracias inclusion!
      thanks for the info nils! that's great!

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