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[26/52] comfortably numb | by Davi Ozolin
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[26/52] comfortably numb

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Theme: "Hidden Objects"


Not happy, nor sad

This is everything I ever had

Not knowing when I'll succumb

Living on comfortably numb.




Well, I really liked this. From the idea to the execution. The hardest part was actually doing that background. I kept the sheets so I can use them again someday. The night sky in the middle don't look that realistic in the scene. I'm not very good at doing this kind of edition. I hope I can improve this someday.

This shot meant a lot to me. It describes the way I feel almost all the time... Somewhat weird to explain. Sometimes I feel there is nothing in the place where it's supposed to be a heart. I'm just always "neutral", like that deep blue sky. In exception of really tough moments, of course. Sometimes I miss that thrilling for nothing, the excitement, the drama and even sadness. That impulsiveness, that urge to do things. I think I'm over rational. Everything I do is calmly planned and executed. My youth went by and I didn't do anything stupid! Never lived an adventure. And falling in love. I'm 21 and it never happened. Maybe I'm just idealizing that overwhelming feeling they say we're supposed to feel. Does that really happen? Well, I don't know for sure. Hope someday I find that missing symbolic heart. Bring that hidden object to the light.

I don't even know why I'm saying all of this in here! Maybe I thought I needed to explain this shot better. I'm sorry about this.

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Taken on June 28, 2012