Kelvin Hall Photo Album
Kelvin Hall – photos and memories.

Do you remember knowing the Circus was in town by the smell of the elephants? Did you make yourself giddy at the shows? Have you spent weekends watching world class athletes whizz by? Or sung along to Elton John?

People have fond memories of Kelvin Hall and we would love you to share these with us as part of this photo album.

Kelvin Hall is a partnership between Glasgow Museums, Glasgow Sport, The University of Glasgow’s Hunterian Museum and the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive.

Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, these partners have worked together to re-develop a portion of the building into a new venue for sports, culture, learning and events, which opened in August 2016.

All images are © CSG CIC Glasgow Museums & Libraries Collections, unless started otherwise.

Any personal images you may wish to add will remain your copyright.
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