Bannockburn Commemoration June 26th
Patriots gathered at the field of Bannockburn to commemorate the Bruce's victory against the English in 1314.

The Society were there in number as were several other societies and it all made up for a very colourful turnout as we gathered at the rotunda to lay wreaths and pay our respects.

Speeches were made and our man Duncan Fenton did a fantastic job with a speech straight from the heart and having no P.A. system could have worried a lesser man, well done Duncan!!

This year was different as all the societies were invited onto the field with their tents and banners to let the public see what we're all about. It all worked wonderfully well and Scott the new Bannockburn Heritage Centre manager deserves a lot of credit for trying something new.

Afterwards it was entertainment time at the Tartan Arms where a fine selection of music was on offer including, Ted Christopher and Clan An Drumma.

A great night was had by all and halfway through the evening we had a tribute to David Ross where Ted, Gary and Ziggy gave us some of their own personal memories of David.

A fitting tribute to a wonderful man.

Well done to everyone, you did the society proud!!

To see photos of the actual commemoration please click the link below:
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