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LEGO Ideas Stargate: Creator Interview with Captain Mutant | by GJBricks
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LEGO Ideas Stargate: Creator Interview with Captain Mutant

The LEGO Ideas Stargate project has just passed the halfway milestone of 5k votes. Join me and get to know Captain Mutant the creator and understand a bit more about his project, the challenges of the LEGO build and maybe a little more of the Stargate universe for any noobs :) Vote for the LEGO Ideas STARGATE project by Captain Mutant Subscribe to @Mutant Productions (Captain Mutant) Subscribe to Mark @The Lego Room Shop for anything on Shop for anything on Shop on If you buy using my affiliate links I get a small commission to help support my channels! Bag Of Bricks Podcast: Check out my LEGO Photos online GJBricks on Social Media If you want to skip through the video: 00:00 Intro and welcome Captain Mutant! 00:17 Tell us about yourself and why Stargate 01:28 Any LEGO technical challenges? 02:59 Did you think about motorising it? 03:37 How did you create such perfect minifigures? 04:45 How did you decide what part of the Stargate universe to build? 05:29 Do you think it's a build that lends itself well to being used in Mocs? 06:18 Did you consider building any of the vehicles like the Daedalus or a Sprite Fighter? 07:00 This isn't your first LEGO Ideas submission is it? 07:48 Do you have any tips for those considering a LEGO Ideas submission? 09:12 Shameless plug of your LEGO Ideas project 09:46 Thanks for joining me! ======== About this LEGO Ideas project and Stargate: Stargate was a science-fiction phenomenon, launched in 1994 with a summer blockbuster movie, and followed in 1997 with the long-running TV series Stargate SG-1. Spin-off shows Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe built on the extensive mythology, along with a couple of TV movies, animated series, and web series. To mark the forthcoming 25th anniversary of the start of the first TV show, I’ve created this minifig-scaled display piece, composed of the Stargate itself, along with the famous gangway located in the secret complex inside Cheyenne Mountain… Included with this set are six minifgures representing Colonel Jack O’Neill, Captain Samantha Carter, Teal’c, and Dr Daniel Jackson. The other two are Jaffa warriors, holding brick-built staff weapons. six minifigs for 850 pieces, that's a ratio of 142:1 which is much higher than the LEGO Ideas Tron Legacy set which stood at 77:1 (3 figs for 230 parts) - this is definitely not a minifig-only submission :) ======== About the GJBricks LEGO YouTube Channel Welcome to my LEGO Channel! I'm an Australian AFOL builder focused on the joy and creativity of LEGO! On this channel, you will find general interest videos and photos about LEGO and everything related to the joy of creating with it! We're creating our own unique LEGO City, Studsburg with its fleet of LEGO Trains, city building, Ninjago Mountain, crowds of minifigures and lots more! I'm fine with constructive criticism as well as polite disagreement! Please help me keep this channel as a friendly, positive and safe environment to talk about LEGO! * LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies and are in no way associated with this channel unless stated in the video description. *There is a ZERO tolerance policy for disrespect, swearing, bullying, sexism, racism, etc. and no spam on my channels. All comments are moderated by me to protect people of all ages in the LEGO/LEGOS community. If you breach these rules you will be reported and blocked! Note: if you are under 13, please visit YouTube Kids) - channel viewers are predominately aged 18 years and over. #lego #legoideas #stargate #gjbricks #legomoc

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Uploaded on October 27, 2021