Evil Graffiti

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    It had to happen, street art being appropriated by advertisers. Ironic seeing as how a lot of cool street art is a response to the pervasive nature of advertising.

    I have posted this for a discussion on the graffiti group.

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    1. meg greer 102 months ago | reply

      i haven't seen any here in the 'bible belt' yet (although i'd love to see the reactions to it), but i know about them. are they popping up everywhere or are they pretty isolated to larger cities?

    2. Ben Cumming 102 months ago | reply

      I don't know about elsewhere, the discussion that I linked to in the graffiti group has some links to some examples. This GTA add is the best organised I have seen (though it is a pretty crappy piece), mostly it is dodgy websites using stencils of their URL. The stuff that Sony (this months most unliked corporation) is doing in the US is very well organised -- over more than one city.

      I find it dissapointing because graffiti is appealing because it is "outside" these influences. Though, it is a tradeoff between making graffiti something that only other graffiti artists enjoy, or having a larger audience, with the advertising appeal that comes with having said audience.

    3. meg greer 102 months ago | reply

      ultimately I think it's crap. that's my first gutt reaction. it's a poor idea, seems a little contrived, even embarrasingly distastefully marketed. kind of the antithesis of 'authentic' grafitti art's appeal and purpose. but then again the point is to advertise, either yourself or in this case, a product...

      but then AGAIN, it is just grand theft auto. Sony's making a mint, but all I got was this stupid painting.

      I guess I should join your discussion instead of ranting to you. :) great post.

    4. jon madison 102 months ago | reply

      not a GTA fan so i'm a bit more biassed against it already, but hmmm let's say i am...i'm probably as ambivalent about it as fred flinstone & barney rubble rapping about 15 years ago...

      kinda sad, actually...perhaps 15 years from now, we won't even mind corporate rape of graf...

      on to the discussion :)


    5. elkue 102 months ago | reply

      I could never have beef with gta.

    6. cool de 55 months ago | reply

      u some copiers

    7. Ghetto_Boys [deleted] 55 months ago | reply


    8. colors.oner 55 months ago | reply

      hi , im a long time graffiti veteran , here in my hometown .. Within th epast few years there has been an increase in Big corp. hiring local graffiti "artist" like myself to replicate ads on walls (prefferably in low end areas ) .......Ironically enough , this has been an act us graffiti writers have been doing since day one , go big with your name , clean n clear , the more legible the better , and prolific ,,,sounds like an ad agency , well guess what they took our militia style tactics and are making loads of money for the same corp. that are against graffiti in the community !

    9. SumiBoomie 45 months ago | reply

      thats freakin awesome lookin. graffiti is really cool and takes alot of talent.

    10. step GRAFF 34 months ago | reply

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