• the illumination radiating from the sacred heart cross-hatch with the folds of jesus' garb here. a detail i only noticed on multiple observations.

Christ the King

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Today is the Solemnity of Christ The King. This means Advent is upon us. I love this image which I photographed off the cover of my church bulletin.

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  1. JimNaples 90 months ago | reply

    Tis the Feast of Christ the King today! We had a grand mass at the Episcopal Church this AM...the incense was flying!

  2. giveawayboy 90 months ago | reply

    Given today's resonance with my spirit I swear I would suck as an unbeliever.

  3. JimNaples 90 months ago | reply

    I don't know if I am a traditional christian believer. I embrace the Episcopalian/Anglican form of liturgy. But, I do not believe that the christian path is the one true path....it works for me though :)

  4. Estaba El Senhor InigoDeloyola 90 months ago | reply

    this picture is everywhere here in the Phil. ( calendar)
    oftentimes placed side by side with naked women...lol

  5. giveawayboy 90 months ago | reply

    So, your job is to find one or more examples and shoot it/them and either post it in your photostream or put it here, if it's kid-friendly. If it's too adult, you can just put it in your stream and point me to it, or send it to me privately. Here's an example of one of our American Jesuses in a magazine shop. I think this one is Mexican.

  6. Estaba El Senhor InigoDeloyola 90 months ago | reply

    lol! i will! ask tom...he had a taste of that when he was here b4.
    we used to have this picture in our room when we were little and i always wondered why Christ has lady-like fingers. hehe

  7. chippa 58 months ago | reply

    Bill -- so weird. I was doing searches under the Creative Commons licenses for images of Christ for a church project -- and it's you!

  8. giveawayboy 58 months ago | reply

    Feel free to use it Chippa! I took this image from the front of a church bulletin, so it's not my original image, though the photo is original.

  9. w andrade 57 months ago | reply

    Jesus manso e humilde de coração, fazei o nosso coração semelhante ao Vosso!

  10. LynRDavis 11 months ago | reply

    Thank you. Perfect for my blog www.chaplynne.wordpress.com

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