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Side view

So you may know some very generous friends gave me an iPad for Christmas this year. And while I have a smart cover that works fine for when I want the iPad horizontal like say when I am watching TV in bed... I wanted a way to have it vertical as well, especially as I really prefer to facetime vertically! :)


I used the same tutorial that Carrie, Minty and Gleek did, using the measurement adjustment figuring at the end.


However, I didn't see an adjustment for the size of the elastic (I may have missed it) so I estimated and I think they're a wee bit loose. I may sew a tuck into them or something, we'll see. (I did do the additional elastic piece up top, I made them both the same length.)


I'm pretty excited about how it turned out!


100% stash and scraps actually -- corduroy scraps from Mariko's stash actually or Frenchie's. I can't actually remember. One or both of them made cardigans from this fabric and sent me the leftovers. :)


And the cardboard inserts from two super old binders from the first time I went to grad school 20 years ago (that I had emptied the stuff out of last summer when I finally went through a bunch of old files). Binders w/ their cores cut out are kindof hilarious. I imagine my garbage person wondering what the heck happened there!

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Taken on February 28, 2012