• This pattern looks very similar to loungy clothes I once had. Are these from Tar-zhay a while back? - Nonnahs*
  • i think so? i have had them for a really long time now though so I can't totally remember


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It took me a year to finish these socks, working on them say "30 rows at a time" many months apart.

But of course the second they're done I'm all OH OH what socks will I knit next? Let me look through my entire pattern folder. Let me pull out three sock knitting books. Oh Oh ! Two ideas! Let me pull some yarn! Oh what else should I knit! Let me go through my entire pullover folder, then my cardigan folder, then my shawls folder, then OH OH OH...

Yeah. It took A YEAR for me to finish these but oh yeah let me start 97 billion new projects at midnight on a Thursday when I have a transfer application due on Monday (still gotta write the essay) and mega boatloads of homework due next week. Ridiculous.

(ravelry link)

  1. (afm) 50 months ago | reply

    They're like rainbow sherbert!

  2. redsilvia 50 months ago | reply

    LOVE yours! Mine are looking a bit pilly because mine have been done for ages...yes I am a brat.

    To where are you transferring?

  3. notscarlett7 50 months ago | reply

    I reallllllllly like this pattern. And your socks are totally sherbert-y, like Anne said. YUM.

  4. Nonnahs* 50 months ago | reply

    Totally rainbow sherbet! :)

  5. GirlReaction Crafts 49 months ago | reply

    glad yer like 'em. :)

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