photobooth friday

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    hello, lover.

    1. jaredchapman 111 months ago | reply

      I must say that in this pose, with his beard and the glasses, Ward looks like a Government Assassin sent to project Fashion Week...

    2. jon madison 111 months ago | reply

      tiiiiiiight :)

    3. wardomatic 111 months ago | reply

      Shhhh, Jared.....! You mustn't expose my true identity!

    4. joymadison 111 months ago | reply

      yeah, definately a little assassin-ish

    5. kookooface 111 months ago | reply

      lovin the groovy glasses!
      totally diggin' the texture, too.
      photo-booth friday?!
      what a fanTAStic idea!

    6. newsquirt 111 months ago | reply

      those are some rock star specs man! :)

    7. lisa s | dressform 111 months ago | reply

      i want a photo booth.

      definitely alter ego going on here.... andrea you should get a photobooth shot w/ you in those specs...

      then you'd be the assasin family [get ezra and eva too :)]

    8. SlimWhitman 111 months ago | reply

      Okay ... that might be my favorite picture of Ward ever.

    9. dj paine 111 months ago | reply

      damn straight!

    10. girlhula 111 months ago | reply

      thanks, y'all.

      dressform, let's pool our money and buy a photobooth AND a nikon D50! and then maybe a private jet so we can fly back and forth and trade off with said photobooth and camera...:) and also, I did get a couple of shots of myself in these old sunglasses. didn't turn out as cool as hubby's but I promise I'll post one up some friday! and yes, we should've gotten ava and ezra in on it too. how funny would that have been? next time... next time...

    11. Shiva sound system 111 months ago | reply

      shit he is such a cool guy
      where do u get him fom

    12. luxefibre 107 months ago | reply

      hey! i have one of those too, but i slightly different model with lighter hair. they are pretty good, though, aren't they?

    13. wardomatic 105 months ago | reply

      We tend to come in various shades and sizes. I'm a slightly older model who thinks he's a newer one, hence the funky shades.

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